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JobShine is a job portal that seeks to fundamentally changes the hiring process of non-PMET (Professionals, Managers, Executives, Technicians) jobs for the better and provide job seekers the best opportunities on the go


UX Research and Design


2.5 weeks






The Pandemic Job Crisis

Non-professionals, managers, executives and technicians (non-PMETs) were hit harder than PMETs by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Compared with PMETs, non-PMETs saw a steeper increase in unemployment rates and a greater reduction in working hours.

Unemployment rate of non-PMET workers rose sharply

during and beyond Circuit Breaker in 2019


The construction sector saw one of the largest declines in employment, by 13,600 workers, while food and beverage services saw a plunge of 22,900 workers


Nearly one in ten

non-PMET workers experienced reduced work hours due to COVID-19 in industries such as accommodation and F&B services 


49% of employees worked from home due to COVID-19 but non-PMET workers such as service workers and cleaners were unable to do so, therefore bearing most of the impact as weak external demand weighed on employment


However, it's not all gloom and doom. With the re-opening of economy, the labour market situation has rebounded strongly


JobShine's aim is to become an enabler and influencer as a platform to support non-PMET job seekers through their career search while weathering labour market challenges during a global recession.

Research & Analysis

We conducted heuristic, task and feature analysis on 6 different competitors in order to understand how we fare against the competition and how we can use some of their best practices as inspiration to our design.


Heuristic Analysis

  • The search functionality on JobShine's website has confusing button placements and usage of colors

  • Search results on the JobShine platform do not reflect the search criteria accordingly

Task Analysis

  • JobShine performs really well against competition with a median number of steps for user to onboard and the least number of fields when doing so

  • JobShine is on par with competition when it comes to the number of steps it takes to search for a job

Feature Analysis

  • The usage of chat box for users to find jobs was found lacking in most of the competition

  • Competition was able to show far more accurate search results compared to JobShine

Benchmarking Insights



JobShine performs relatively better in terms of on-boarding with just 9 fields required to complete compared to an average of 20 steps for its competitors


Job Application Process

JobShine’s application process is on par with its counterparts, taking only 5 steps to reach the intended goal of applying for a job.


Search Functionality

JobShine’s search functionality needs to be optimised and curated so search results are specific and produces accurate results which are essential in user retention


User Interface Elements

JobShine needs to be consistent and predictable in the design of its UI to promote task completion, efficiency, and satisfaction among its users.

User Interviews

We interviewed a total of 12 users who are in the phases of recruiting and job seeking.

HR managers, small business owners and job seekers such as cleaners, service crew, drivers were among those selected and their browsing patterns, behaviours and online habits were observed during the interviews.


"I like job suggestions catered to my experience or search history"

"I like filtering my search and get down to specifics"

"I like getting some sort of feedback when i apply for jobs"

"I prefer an easy process when applying for jobs"

"I dislike the screening process as it is taxing and time-consuming"

"I only need basic skill sets when it comes to the nature of my jobs"

"I want to be able to customise questions and add filters to sift out irrelevant candidates"

"I also find candidates via social media as an alternative to job sites"

The Employer

The Job Seeker

Introducing our personas



  • Unwilling to step out of comfort zone

  • Hardworking

  • Financially motivated

  • Spends a good amount of time on social media


Jenny Khor

Jenny has been in her current job for 5 years now and due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, she might be facing a potential lay-off so she has been actively looking for a new job for 2 months now. No one is really hiring within her network and she does not know how she can maximise her job search.

Needs & Goals

  • Prefers a straightforward process to applying for jobs online

  • Wants to know more about prospective employers through testimonials and reviews

  • Wants to be notified if her application was successful or rejected so she can plan her next steps

  • Wants more relevant search results that are catered to her experience as well job recommendations that she may be interested in


  • Lack of recommendations from her network due to hiring freezes

  • Some online portals requires lengthy on-boarding to submit application

  • Search portals often shows irrelevant results

  • She doesn't really hear back regarding  her application status


Jenny's journey

“This is so time-consuming and it’s not even what I am looking for!”



Finding out about openings and positions via job portals, social media and reaching out to her personal network


Got to know about job portals and attempts to search. Found some interesting job posts and is keen to apply after looking at job descriptions


Realized she has to go through lengthy process to submit her application and finds that some of the information required is irrelevany

Shortlist Status

Waits to to be notified of her job application status either from the portal or directly from employers

Zain Hakim

Zain has been running his Logistics business for 5 years now, he is looking to expand his company as the business grows. However, he has an on-going challenge with hiring packers due to the inconvenient location of his firm and erratic working hours. His current crew are all hired through recommendations as his past experience with job portals did not yield good results

Needs & Goals

  • Needs workers with basic skill sets but willing to work hard and be flexible

  • Needs to retain staff longer

  • Able to filter out irrelevant candidates when looking at resumes

  • Wants to directly contact applicants through same portal


  • Having to fill in  information that are irrelevant to their job posting, which is time consuming for him

  • Having to go through many resumes that are not applicable to their job description 

  • Willing to pay to post on different channels such as job portals, social media, newspaper and even bus stop ads but still end up with lacklustre results



  • Efficient, unwilling to waste effort

  • Time-poor

  • Constantly on the go


Zain's journey

“I’m already so busy and yet I am wasting time going through these resumes. How come not a single good candidate?



Researching fees involved when signing up to job portals, posting job offers on selected portals and FaceBook groups


Sifts through job applications and resumes, scanning for keywords that can help in his shortlisting process 


Attempting to contact the shortlisted applicants, making note of screening dates and time to fit them into his schedule


Negotiates with shortlisted candidate for salary and remunerations and confirms on a start date

The Problem

Users need a simple and efficient way to search and filter job listings and applicants so that they can save time and find the right fit for the job they are seeking to land or hire


The Solution

We believe that by catering relevant information to users, we can align their expectations and make their job seeking or recruiting experience more productive and efficient

Ideation & Design

The team brainstormed some initial sketches as we knew we needed to rework and refine the way JobShine for job seekers to enable them to search and view the job listings and posts in a more efficient way. We really wanted to mimic the entire experience a user would go through and make that process simple and easy for them to use

Rapid Prototype

We then developed a mid fidelity prototype and conducted some usability tests to see what potential users with thought of the functionality of the revamp site without going into too much details. Using the insights from the first round of tests, we followed up to create the high fidelity version of the entire user flow


Design Iterations

Using the insights from the first round of tests, we followed up to create the high fidelity version of the entire user flow so that we can validate what works and what doesn't, and how we can make further refinements

Usability Tests

Users were given 6 tasks and we observed how they navigate through the prototype to complete the tasks

Task 1:

Create an account and set up

job preferences

Users are accustomed to provide more personal details or preferences catered to job application during the onboarding process. To accelerate this process, we provided a few interactive screens and allowed users to upload their resume while making it optional so they may still proceed with the onboarding if they wish to upload the resume at a later stage

Task 2:

Search for a driver job posting using search filters

Insights from the first test informed us that users found the current filter options not informative enough to be able to make relevant search results. We subsequently included more filter options such as job specialisations, level of experience and allowing users to sort based on latest job postings

Task 3:

Apply for a job

Users were expecting to submit at least a resume or fill-in pre-interview questions before getting to the confirmation screen during the test and we proceeded to include a pop-up screen to request applicants to upload their resume before proceeding with the confirmation screen

Task 4:

Review application status for

jobs applied

Users are tasked to look for a driver job using the advanced search filters that will narrow down the search results. We added an new option to allow user to sort by date, reset their filters and removal of filter tags from search results gives users more flexibility

Labelling of skills required gives clear indication to users that those are the main skills required

Task 5:

Using the chatbot to search for jobs

Through the usability tests, one of the observation we got was not many users are keen to use the chatbot functionality to search for jobs as the perception is that the bot’s sole function is only to resolve technical issues

By adding clear call-to-action buttons at the bottom allows users to have a clarity on other ways the chatbot can serve them

Task 6:

View Profile tab

Users were able to easily find their personal information in the Profile page and successfully upload their resume

The feedback on the Key Insights tab were generally positive even though they are unsure how will the infographics help them in their job search

Design Solutions

We explored around to determine a style that will be welcoming and modern while maintaining the familiarity of the brand


The client did not want us to deviate too far from the core colours (red and blue) so we decided to use purple as a primary colour to balance out the intensity of red and the calmness of blue





The typefaces Dosis and Manrope were chosen for their modernity and playful looks without losing the clean and sleek factors originally used by the brand


Button Styles


Card Styles




SUS score


This project validated the value of simplicity that is centred around the user’s core motivations. The high SUS score further confirmed our conviction that by aligning users’ expectations and catering relevant information to users, they will find the experience on JobShine much more delightful



Rejection Notifications

JobShine can seek a more people-centred approach towards rejection notifications such as improving the micro-copy and archiving rejected posts after 14 days so that users understand what are their next steps


Machine-learning algorithms

Consider how can the chatbot complement the traditional way of job searching using machine-learning so that recommendations can become more accurate over time


Ratings & Reviews

Allow job seekers to give ratings or write reviews of the employers (only pre-defined options) during their employment period with the company so that other employers on Jobshine’s portal will be able to see recommendations


Data Integration

Integrate data-driven insights using existing data such as demographics, company profiles will help users in their job search



Special thanks to team members:

Ody Tay

Nora Manap

Ong Hui Xuan 

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