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Hi, my name is Airene. I am a creative enthusiast who spent more than 8 years creating brand experiences for ad-tech start-ups, but now I prefer designing for people.


Most of my background is in design and media with a strong focus in creating consumer experiences. I believe my expertise in the mobile advertising industry has provided me with a strong foundation in creating evidence-based, data-driven brand designs. This experience also reinforced my UX knowledge in research methodologies and in human-centred approach towards design.


I also had the opportunity to teach at a tertiary institution for close to two years. The experience helped shape my career later as a design professional, by applying my knowledge in pedagogy towards sharing it with my clients and higher management about the value of design.

When the pandemic began, I embarked on a journey to become an urban farmer as the issue of food scarcity became remarkably evident in a small city like Singapore. While I am no-where near self-sustainable, I enjoy the process of farm-to-fork by growing my own edibles. To me the process is similar to the design approach in UX (remember the double diamond?) - I research what the plants need in order to thrive. From finding out what is the suitable soil medium to digging out the root of the pest problem (no pun intended) to reaping the fruits of my labour - its all an on-going process of iteration to improve my crop yield and harvest.

I have just recently graduated from the User Experience Design Immersive course in General Assembly. As a newly minted UX Designer, I am now looking for new opportunities in the UI/UX industry in Singapore. Hit me up for a chat!



UX Research, UI Design, User-centred Design, Prototyping, Usability Testing, Mobile Advertising, Online Advertising, , Digital Ad Experiences and Design Pedagogy

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